Help with fin rot & fungus infection.


Hi guys! I’m new to this site. But I really need some support.
My Corydoras had a cut tail and has developed what I think is a “fungus infection” due to the open wound. His fins are shortening and there are white patches at the end of the fins. He also has white parts on his body. For the past 2 days I’ve completed daily Blue Methylene Baths.
I was told to do a methylene blue bath and if his white patches went blue then it means it’s fungal. And they have.
So Does this look/sound like a fungus infection?- just want to be sure I’m treating him for the right thing.
Can anyone advise me further on what I can do to help?
Is my fish too affected to recover?
Sorry if the picture quality isn’t good. He’s currently hiding and I’ve taken screenshots from a video. More pics to come...
Thanks so much!


Forget any actual fish meds and dose the whole tank with either 15 grams per gallon of aquarium salt or one drop per gallon of 100% pure tea tree oil. I would start with the tea tree though since that has always worked for me. These two things are the only things I've used for the last 4 years on every disease I've come across so far.
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Sappy gave good advice. I'll explain some of what Salt does. Salt will irritate the fish's skin, forcing it to produce more beneficial mucus. The mucus helps to keep any bad bacteria away from the skin or sores. It also helps in healing skin problems. It can also help with Ich, one of the worst and most common diseases. A recommended dose is 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt to 3 gal. of water. I've used it since I was a kid. Epsom salt, which is not a salt, is great for many things like dropsy and bloat and porcupine scaling. Epsom is the area in England that it is mined from. It's called salt because people soak in it like bath salts. Epsom is 100% Magnesium Sulfate. And everything needs Magnesium. It is also a good laxative for your fish. And helps to reduce intestinal gases. A quarter Teaspoon for every 10 gal. if I remember right. Next, Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2, Oxygen is H2O, one less oxygen molecule than Hydrogen Peroxide. It can kill algae and add oxygen to water. In fact Hydrogen Peroxide is used by the Environmental Agency to help oxygenate areas of water that has become stagnant so fish don't suffocate. Like salt, it can kill many bacteria and help skin sores. But like salt, it can kill the good bacteria along with the bad. After H2O2, Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down in 24 to 48 hours. It just becomes more oxygen and more water. I am not against medications as a last resort. But I prefer natural over artificial. Our bodies have Magnesium and Salt and we make Hydrogen Peroxide, same as most animals.
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