Help With Dying Fish And Ph Please!

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    I had a thread earlier because I had lost some fish...thanks to @Demeter ..we figured it down to parasites (tank is newly cycled maybe 1 1/2 months?) No more white stringy poop.Anyway, things were going good...after the second treatment with General Cure.. I did a 35 % water change and put in a 1/2 sheet of poly to soak the meds out. About three days later I lost my opaline gourami...the behavior changed ( he/she was kind of star gazing? Sorry, goat terminology...but staring at the duckweed in the top of the tank, head up, tail kinda down) This lasted one full day and it died. Before this, it was acting great and eating great...then it stopped eating, and started staring at the top.When I removed the fish, one eye was very black.
    I now have a female guppy laying on the gravel and kind of flopping around...big belly....front fins look to be immobile? She seems to be weighted down?This is different behavior than any other of the fish that have died. Did I leave the poly in too long? The bag didn't say how much to use or how long to leave it so I used half a sheet and left it until it discolored to a light brown and removed it after three days, which was tonight.

    Tested my water and here are the stats...
    PH (regular test) 7.6 (High PH test-8.4)
    Ammonia- 0
    Hardness is unknown

    There are no live plants in my tank, nor any driftwood,etc. The only live "plant" is duckweed. I have 5 platy's, two mollies, 4 mountain minnows , 4 guppies , 3 neon tetras. Again, the tank is a 55....I feed Omega One flakes and frozen brine shrimp.

    I have lost, 2 lyre tail mollies, one black mollie, 7 neons and now the opaline gourami. The lyres, and mollie died most likely from the parasites, the neons were victims of newly cycled tank, and the remaining three look good so far.....and I have no idea what happened with the gourami :( I appreciate any help you can give me. I have never had this kind of trouble with a tank! I have successfully raised Convicts and bred them too, and have had fish for years ranging from goldfish to tropical small fish to cichlids....

    One thing I forgot! I did have the filters out of the HOB filter for parasite treatment...they were put in a bowl of tank water and sat idle for three days, ( was that bad?)I then put one back in and a new one back in along with the poly.
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    Your not going to like this....Your cycling all over again, did you take the filter out when you put in the poly?

    I think you posted that just as i hit submit! I'm not entirely sure that poly takes out meds. I've always used activated carbon to do that, you could have lost some of the bb if the water wasn't heated or oxygenated... plus you completely replaced one too, so you lost all the bb in that filter. :(
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    The guppy died. What could be wrong? added it back again. With the poly so it could carbon filter the meds out :(
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    I'm sorry! What fish do you have left now?
    Where did you get the fish from?
    Are your readings still 0,0 and 0
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    I just added some bacteria supplement in case!

    The Mountain Minnows I got from MzJinxed , the others were from Petsmart. I have 4 guppies, 4 minnows, 5 platys, 2 mollies and 3 neons

    The readings were from tonight...i should clarify....the neons and mollies I lost were in the beginning...for awhile my fish acted great after treatment. It's only since I changed water, added the filters back in and used the poly that I had a problem again.
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    I've not had luck with platies or mollies from Petsmart. The cichlids however, only one died (first time keeping them). Maybe they just weren't strong enough to make it.

    Hopefully your cycle will be okay, and the nitrates were 0 because of a big water change or something.
  7. NYFishMomNew MemberMember

    Yes, the water change was three days ago and it's a big tank for those little fish!

    What should the nitrates be?
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    A cycled tank generally has nitrates.
  9. NYFishMomNew MemberMember

    At what number?
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    Thank you :)
  12. NYFishMomNew MemberMember

    No one else dying yet...
  13. S_Fish85New MemberMember

    Could be the duckweed keeping the nitrates down especially if you're not using a fertilizer with nitrogen. Duckweed tends replicate very quickly.