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    Hi again folks.

    I'm reaching out for some advice, as in the past I've found it so difficult to accurately diagnose and subsequently treat my fish.

    I have 2 goldfish (well one shubunkin and one white goldfish) in a 200litre fully cycled tank.

    This past couple of weeks they have both spent the majority of their time sitting practically immobile inside a small decorative (plastic) log on the bottom of the tank. They only become active at feeding time (pinch of Aquarian Goldfish flakes twice per day), after which they swim around for a short while before returning to the log.

    Ammonia is zero, as are nitrites. And nitrates are no more than 5.0ppm.

    However the pH is and always has been quite high, 8.4 atm, as we have very hard water in my area.

    I do weekly water changes of about 25-30%, and vacuum the gravel also. I treat the tap-water with Seachem Prime.

    I have examined them both and can find no other visible symptoms. At the moment I'm leaning towards thinking it may be a bacterial infection of some sort....??

    The treatments I currently have in stock are eSHa 2000, and Interpet no.12 Anti Crustacean Parasite.

    Up to now, I have starved them for the past 24hrs, and plan to give them some vegetable matter later to rule out constipation.

    I'm reluctant to use the eSHa unless I know for sure it'll be beneficial...

    Bloody fish are so hard to diagnose and treat correctly!!

    Any help or advice will be immensely appreciated...
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    How big are they at the moment?
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    I was going to ask the exact same thing.

    I have found big Goldfish tend to spend more time at the bottom of the tank just resting and become active when they feel there is food around. My Black Moor was 6'' and used to do it a lot, I really thought he was ill or even dead sometimes, but, as you say, no signs of sickness, fungus or anything at all.
  4. OP

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    They do seem a bit more lively since I stopped feeding them. Perhaps I was overfeeding?

    (sorry, couldn't edit previous post...)

    They're about 3" long.

    Could it be boredom perhaps?

    They've perked up a little since I stopped feeding them...
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