Help with columnaris??

  1. alyymarie

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    I've been dealing with this in my 55g community tank for a few months now, I'm pretty sure it's columnaris.
    I lost most of my fish, only have about 8 in there now. But they have been stable now for a while.

    My main worry is my betta, Buddy. I took him out of the community when the fish first started dying, because he is so much bigger and I didn't want him to pick on the sick fish. So I treated him separately and he's been in his own 5 gallon.

    I treated his tank and the community tank with a combination of fungus tabs and kanamycin.
    Eventually Buddy's symptoms went away, but about a week ago I noticed he had a spot on his side that looked like a fungus. It's progressed into a sore, and his mouth looks really bad too, like it's getting eaten away.
    So I cleaned out his tank with bleach, dipped him in a methylene blue bath, and then treated again with fungus tabs and kanamycin. I also added some salt for his wounds.
    Today I dipped him in methylene again because I could see some fungus-looking string hanging off of him.

    It's only been a few days but it doesn't seem to be getting better. What else can I do? He still has an appetite but is very stressed out from the medicines and dips :(
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