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Kolby Holdren

I breed SA, and African cichlids and also guppies. But haven't had as many stuggles I've had with my EBA pair!
When I first got them they were bare bottom with slate and a flat Rock. The layed almost instantly then maybe 4-7 days ate the fry. Which isn't very common. So I talked to some people and switch up some stuff.
I'd a gravel substrate. Added a fake plant, left slate and flat Rock.
I raised the temp to 82 and do 2° colder water changes to try and simulate rain fall.
Still nothing. I did just purchase some high quality spirnila(can never spell it correctly) flake which I hope helps.
I was thinking about raising the temp another 2° but does anyone have any other advice?! I'm stumped!
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Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today


Water changes don't really do much for EBAs. You need to feed them live or frozen foods to condition them and they'll start spawning. When they're young, they're learning to take care of their fry. If you want to raise the fry, you'll need to get them while they're wigglers and raise them in a separate tank.


Agree with DarkOne
I was lucky enough to get an adult breeding pair from coralbandit. They spawned within the first few weeks. Now I keep them separate after a spawn due to the male become overprotective of the eggs and attacking her. Not sure about a young pair, also not sure their breeding has anything to do with raising the temp. I keep mine at 78-80 degrees. They prefer to spawn on pieces of slate only once did they spawn on a leaf. Maybe the "Breeding Guru" coralbandit has some more info for you.

Good Luck


I don't think the temp change will help .
Feeding and keeping them in clean water .
I am not sure who said cichlids eating their eggs isn't very common ?
Learn to artificially hatch or spin the fish Gods wheel and see if they get eaten .
Some fish learn as they go ,some not so much .
I only let parents raise fry if I am too late to steal them or have too many already.

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