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Discussion in 'Ram Cichlid' started by newfishguyhelpme, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hey I'm new here I bought a 72 gallon bow front a few months back I spent some cash to do a quick start up cycle my water always tested well nh3 0 no2 0 no3 20 if anything I change my water too much at least 30% every other day I have 6 guppies 3 male 3 female I know my ratio is short females I had a collapse while hardscaping rocks 8 neon tetras 2 male dwarf gourimies I know that's a no no but is yet to be a problem no nipped fins or lip locking lost of caves and a few live plants and I have a smaller cycled tank if need be 3 Cory cats that are the oldest residing fish in the tank from my smaller tank I've tried to add more they don't last so I just got 5 Bolivian rams all about an inch and a half or so hard to sex I'm a noob I think 2 males for sure by the way they show off I got them at a smaller LFS they didn't know if they are bred or wild caught I floated and than ran a drip from my tank they took food while in the bucket to drip in the dark and I kept my tank lights out for the day two days later all seemed well then I awoke to the bigger suspected male in on of my filters I have a ehime pro 3 and a fluval aquacleer rated for a 110 gallon temp is 75.6 daytime drops a bit at night to 74.3 so did I do something wrong or just a casualty
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    Hard to say what happened. Too bad. At that size they are hard to sex. Four is a good number of rams. Give them time to settle, meaty food that makes it to the bottom and they will grow up in no time. Mine also love algae wafers. When you see them start to pose and lip lock pay attention to the differences.
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    This may help u
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    This is awesome