Help With Betta Disease


S so my female Betta, sketch, has these red lines on her fins, and. It seemed liek bleeding, she had been treated with furan two they haven’t gone away but don’t nessacarily seem to be progressing and my male Betta, canvas, is a marble, so I thought the red spots on his head were him changing colors, till I nto we red streaks on his fins as well, HELP I recently acquired a male Betta that’s is red about three ish days ago, so I’m now trying to not change his tank immediately after theirs, but what could this be


Its not just their coloring? I have a white female betta who has red streaks that looks like bleeding too, but its her coloring.

Are the tanks filtered and are the filters cycled? Are you doing water changes? Do you have a test kit so you can check the parameters?

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