Help with appropriate fish tank lighting for planted aquarium


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You guys are always so super helpful, so I figured I'd reach out with this question. I'm looking to find the appropriate settings for my Fluval Plant 3.0 light. I followed an online video for my current settings, which were supposed to give the best growth. My problem is that I think the lighting might be too strong, or on for too long, which is causing an abundance of algae and some stunted plant growth.

I've attached photos of my current setup, how high the light is off the water, and pictures of each plant in the tank. I've also attached the "pro" settings my tank is currently running. It's a 40-gallon aquarium.

Regarding fertilization: The bed is a mixture of gravel and eco complete. There are root tabs spaced out on the bottom. I do weekly water changes. I do not vacuum near the plants. After the water change, I dose it with iron, flourish, flourish advance and flourish excel. Since I don't have a co2 kit, I dose the excel daily. In between each water changes, I will dose again with the iron, flourish and advance.

Please mind the cloudy water, as I just cleaned the tank so everything hasn't settled just yet.


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Does the fixture have a 24/7 setting? If so try that. Next maybe stop the excell. It is know to hurt some plants. I don’t think your getting to much light because the leaves on the bottom of the red plant are spaced out pretty far apart. If to much light they would be very close together like at the top. So the light isn’t reaching to the lower levels of the tank. Guess your using iron for red? How much water do you change? What type of filter.

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