Help with aggression! Cichlids hate my new guy

Discussion in 'African Cichlids' started by Rosie, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. RosieNew MemberMember

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I added 3 new juvenile fish into my african cichlid tank:
    1. yellow tail acei
    2. red zebra
    3. chinese algae eater

    I had 5 existing juvenile cichlids in my 45 gallon tank which I have had for over a month now:
    4. electric yellow
    5. cobalt blue zebra
    6. kenyi
    7. mpanga
    8. OB peacock

    This is the third wave of adding cichlids to my tank and previously I've had no issues other than some occasional chasing but no physical blows.

    So the red zebra and algae eater settled in great but the whole tank has ganged up on my acei. From the second I put him in the mpanga and cobalt zebra started shimmying etc like crazy which I know is what they do but I had never experienced it before.

    Now I have noticed he has a chunk missing from his tail fin :(.

    I have him in a sectioned off netted box so he can recover but I just want to know whether they will ever accept him once he has healed and if so what strategies I can use?

    I don't want to give him away but obviously will if it's my only option.
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    You have some issues with your stocking. Cichlids need to be in certain sex ratio and only with certain species.
    LeoDiaz can help with your cichlid stocking, but I'd recommend you rehome your Chinese algae eater. He'll get large (too large for your tank) and aggressive.
  3. LeoDiaz

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    45gallon? Min for mbunas is a 55g and in 55g you can only have 2 species...
    I would upgrade tanks,
  4. MikeRad89

    MikeRad89Well Known MemberMember

    Stocking issues as mentioned.

    If you plan on keeping them regardless, best thing to do would be to rearrange the decor pretty drastically. It'll force all the fish to establish new territories at the same time - should cut down on aggression.

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