Help With Age Checking And Breeding Question

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    Nicholas Feyler New Member Member

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    elizabeth nettleton New Member Member

    For breading, the thing I have found works the best with them is to make there enviorment, as close to their natral enviroment as possible. They will be more likely to bread succesfuly when they are happy and feel safe and or unthretend, and the way to acheve that is for them to be in a calm natral enviroment. Some thisgs that would/might help create that are live plants. Almost all of my fish have done better breading when they had live plats in with them. Also you could try changing up there food to get them to bread. different types of fish food contain different essential things the fish need. Because you have only had them for a week, they are most likely still adjusting to there new setup so it will take at least a few months before they would start to bread.
    As far as telling there age, you might be out of luck. Size is the most comon way to tell age, but because Zebra Danios reach their full grown size reletivly quickly, there size isnt that much help.
    Hope this helps.