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I have 6 neon tetras, and 2 cherry shrimp, along with a fast growing patch of micro sword. I would like to get a frog, and ADF looks perfect. I wonder tho, should I get one? I have a small opening at the back of my tank for the filter and heater, and a few weeks ago my Chinese algae eater jumped out and died. The heater and filter are both climbable, and are right there. Should I keep it up with my frog plan, or should I get swordtails, platys, or guppies instead? Thx fishlore!

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i have adf and i also have small openings on my 29 gallon where the filter goes. iv had no issues with the frog jumping, only darting from spot to spot underwater and also to the top foor air, but thats all. iv owned adf my whole life and i used to have one that lived in a bowl (when i was young, be easy on me lol) for 11 years and he never jumpe out once

EDIT TO ADD: the bowl was open at the top, a standard goldfish bowl, he never got out or even tryed

EDIT #2: Just because it works for one, doesnt mean it will work for another, just thought i would add this disclaimer haha
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