Help with a month old 10 gal tank

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So I'm a new user on the forums, and this is basically my first tank. This tank was reused from 2-3 years ago, when my family had a tank that wasn't too important. Now, I've taken control and brought it back up and need a little help. So this topic might be a little broad, I didn't know which section to post it:

1: One of the light sockets built into hood is broken, and does not light up when the button is pressed. The other side works fine, and I'm running 1 15W bulb. If I can't get this fixed, should I be looking at a higher watt bulb?

2. I have 2 Amazonian Sword plants growing in the tank, and one of the leaves is yellowing and browning, but they seem to be growing healthily. Should I trim the leaves or let them go?

Only after I planted and stocked the tank I realized that the size might be a little small so please bear with me (Bad research on my part)

I have a 10 gal tank, with a Betta and 4 rasboras. As stated above, two plants are growing, and I've heard they will need trimming

Now any advice or answers you have for me I would hardly appreciate

Thanks in advance!
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You probably need a new lighting which is pick up at a local hardware store. led or fluorescent work great for plants. and as far as bio load in the tank with the little amount of fish in it your perfect, maybe not swimming space but don't worry about it too much you didn't know anything about what size tank a fish needs and we're here to help.

For basics
Get an API master test kit to check water perimeters

Test for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrate if any ammonia or nitrate is in the tank do a water change. If nitrate is in the tank don't worry about it until it hit 10-20ppm then do another water change which you will end up doing once or twice a week for starters.

Start with a ruff estimate of 40-50% water changes and adjust it as needed

The Amazon swords will continue to die with the cheap lighting kit you have on the tank. With only two sword plants don't waste any money on plant fertilizer. Also pluck off the dead leaves unless there all dead then leave it there and wait and see if it dies or not

Read up on the nitrogen cycle even though your tank is a month old. And hope I answered your questions.
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And to add to the Conversation, How do I get Rid of Hard Water Stain in the aquarium? Gage RohanE5510
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Take a filter sponge and dip it in the tank water then scrub it away
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Welcome to the forum!

Is the light socket visibly damaged or does it just not work? That kind of lighting is really very simple and can probably be repaired without knowing a whole lot about electricity (apart from safety of course!) or having to spend a lot of money.

You can trim the dying leaf or leaves. The swords are heavy root feeders though and will benefit by the addition of root tabs in the gravel, which is what I assume you have for substrate.

You are correct, the betta is fine in that size tank but the rasboras (do you know what kind?) should be in a larger group plus are very active and would appreciate more space to swim.

Also agree with everything Gage said above about water changes and the nitrogen cycle
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The light socket is not visibly damaged, it just does not work. As for the rasboras, here's a picture of my tank

(The Betta is inside the stump)
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Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Alison
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Those are Harlequin Rasbora's. According to Seriously Fish they do best in a group of at least 8-10.

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