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Help with 1 gallon betta tank and 2.5 gallon guppy tank

  1. sharkbaithoohah

    sharkbaithoohah Valued Member Member


    I would like to start by saying I know these sizes are way too small for both a betta and a guppy, I am pet sitting this week for what was supposed to be two dogs but I walk in the house and too my dismay there are these poor fish on the counters. The betta is in a stupid EZtankwith no filter or heater and it had a 1/2 film on the top and three guppies in a 2.5 gallon tank. I just was at their house last week so I know they just got the fish and did not cycle the tank.

    There was so much junk floating around that I got my fishy stuff and did over a 70% water change for the betta adding prime and water dechlor and rinsing off all the debris on the rocks. I then did a 50% water change for the guppies and tested to find the ammonia super dark green. I did three more water changes with prime and dechlor and it is finally under .25. Unfortunately I forgot my gravel vac and there is so much decaying matter on the bottom that I couldn't get the ammonia all the way down.

    My question is how much of a water change should I be doing for the betta? Also I have tetra safe start can I use that for the betta? I didn't know if you need a filter to use it. After I gravel vac and do another water change on the 2.5 gallon should I put the tetra safe start in? I am unfamiliar how it works.

    The fishies and I thank you for all the help!
  2. happygolucky

    happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    First things first, Prime is a water dechlorinator, use only that.

    I was just reading a thread from awhile ago on bettas in bowls and tiny tanks, and the fish can do fine, if the owners are willing to put in the work. I would do around 80% every other day, feed responsibly, and keep the water temperature somewhat close to the temperature in the tank. Giving the betta 80 degree water after it has been sitting in 70 degree water for a couple days, and then having the water cool super quickly is worse than giving the betta consistent 70 degree water.

    Without a filter, the Tetra SafeStart bacteria won't do much besides convert all the betta's ammonia in a day or two, then die without a filter to use as a "house".

    In the guppy tank, if it has a filter, do the following: Big water change/gravel vac, fill with dechlorinated water, add TSS, and feed lightly for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks test your water, it should be cycled.
  3. OP

    sharkbaithoohah Valued Member Member

    Thank you for the clarification on Prime, not sure how the misunderstanding occurred. Sadly I am no longer fish sitting for them so I have no idea if they kept up with the water changes. I have a 3 gallon and 2.5 I was going to offer for them to take so maintenance is a little easier for them. Thank you for all the advice!