Help! Will the tail ever grow back?


I have an Opaline Gourami, that was injured. It lost it's tail fin, it also has a few scrapes. How this happened my husband cleaned the tank and moved a rock that it swam in between and got stuck and another fish chewed it's tail. Will the tail ever grow back? I am very upset that this happened. The fish seems healthy and is eating, I have it in a floting breeder box. Please help, I don't want flush it.


HI Jeepmom. Sorry for your poor fish. I don't know if the tail will grow back, but I think it should. And I hope it will! Yup, that's why we always have to carefully watch when moving the decor if there isn't any fish swimming too close. When I clean my tank, I try gently to make all the fish swim to the other end of the tank, just to make sure I won't accidentally trap my fish under the rock or other decor and therefore injure or kill it. Anyway, I hope the tail will grow back. Good Luck.


Welcome to Fishlore! I would definitely try to see if it would grow back. You could try a combination of melafix and pimafix to help promote growth and keep it from getting infected. I have heard of regrowth when the tail is partially gone, so it's worth a shot. Even if it doesn't grow back, if the fish is happy and healthy, then let it be. Flushing should only be for a dead fish.


Thanks! If I medicate, will it hurt the other fish, also how do I do it and where do I get the meds?


If possible, you should try and medicate a single fish in a hospital tank all by itself. Most folks have a spare 10 gallon that they use for this reason. You set the tank up when you need it. If a hospital tank is not possible then you must treat the whole tank. It should not hurt your other fish. It's just not good practice to expose them to medication if they don't need it. I don't think it does, but you will have to be extra diligent in checking your ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates when medicating your tank, because some of the meds actually kill your biological filter. You should be able to get the pima fix and the melafix at any PetSmart, Petco, or any large chain. I would call my local mom and pop store first and give them the business if they have it instead of a chain, but sometimes this isn't possible. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!


I think I have a comparable story. One of my bettas had its fins chewed off by some other voracious fish. All of its flowy fins were basically gone by the time I returned from a week-long trip. I was horrified, just as you were. But I was instructed to isolate that betta (I just put him in an old fishbowl) and to leave him be, just monitor his water to protect his injuries from infection. His fins would grow back after a little bit. But I found some stuff called Splendid Betta BettaFix Remedy that I put in his water daily to facilitate the fin growth process. He was as good as new after a few weeks. So I also think your fish's fin will grow back if doctored well. Good luck


Yeah, i'd say his fins will eventually grow back as to what Gunnie said on the melafix and pima fix I think its worth a try as they protect the fish from fin rot and other bacterial diseases and will help with the regrowth of the tail. It isn't very expensive either.
Hope everything goes well!

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