Help White Dots On My Plecos

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Adrianem99, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Adrianem99 Valued Member Member

    So a few days ago my platys in this tank started to get ich and laying on substrate but their ich seems to be curing after putting salt and raising temp . (Can’t see ich on them but some still lay on substrate )

    Today I noticed these 1.5 in pleco in there with these white dots all over them idk if that common one was already like that and part of the growing process because it seems more natural like part of it as opposed to the albino one . My clown pleco in there has them too but less . Any help? TIA

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  2. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    Poor fellas, the seem to get ich fairly easily at a smaller size. How long have you been doing the heat treatment? Are you also vacuuming the gravel daily to remove fallen cysts?

    Last time I bought a little BN pleco who got ich I quarantined in a bucket and used a medication. Turned out just fine after a couple days. I personally prefer the heat treatment but it does take a week or two to seem the results. You must keep up on gravel vacs and water changes during the treatment.
  3. Epicoz Well Known Member Member

    I would reccomend raising the temp to 86 to kill the ich