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Help! White Bump On Platy

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    Aoaskshley New Member Member

    So I’ve had my 29 gal setup for about two years and I’ve never had any issues before! In this tank I have: 2 Platys, 2 Goldfish, 1 Balloon Molly, 1 Black skirt tetra, 1 Silver Hatchet and a BN pleco. I tested my water today: Ammonia 0 pH 7.2 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5

    About two weeks ago I noticed the larger platy looked a little slimey and had a big white cotton-like bump on his fin-rot looking tail. I immediately went to my LPS and picked up API Fungal treatment. I followed all the instructions on the package and he seemed to be a bit better but the bump was still there. Then I got API Furan-2 bacterial treatment to help with the finrot and followed all of its instructions. His tail is still shredded and the bump has gotten smaller but it’s still there. He’s been acting very reclusive and trying to stay hidden to himself up against the back of the tank and a rock. He’s still eating normally and he comes out of hiding whenever he knows there’s food. Whenever he comes out he stays close to the top and seems as though he’s gasping for air. Should I wait it out or am I doing something wrong??

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  2. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh that’s gotten to body rot. You need something much stronger then what you are using. @junebug you also have some stocking issues.
  3. BubbledCity Valued Member Member

    ^ Yes, it's definitely progressed to body rot. And also, goldfish shouldn't be in there. And skirts are schooling fish, so having at least 5 is best for them.