HELP! What's wrong with my guppy?


Since yesterday, I have noticed that one of my guppies has not been swimming around so much. Today he is resting on one of the rocks and had only moved this morning to eat, then he went back to the rock. :-\

What is worng with him?

When I look at him, he seems fine - no torn fins etc. I can't figure out what is wrong.

I have been testing the water regularly and everything has been fine. I will test again later and tell you the results incase they help somehow.

I reasently lost another of my guppies to finrot, but like I said this guppy (Junior) has no torn fins or anything like that. :-\


Gwenz :-\

P.S. - He does look thiner than usual, but is eating normaly.
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Today I noticed that 1 of the other guppies is chasing him, and trying to nip him. :-\

Could he be resting because he is stressed?

If yes, what can I do?



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