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Discussion in 'Rainbowfish' started by TimRainbow, Jun 19, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    Recently rescued a couple of Rainbows from a run down tank in my local chain store. The guy had no idea what they were as they had been in an "assorted Rainbows" tank. I have no idea what species this is, I can't find anything that looks remotely similar online.

    *Pictures attached*

    2 pictures of it displaying and another of it when I had just added them. I think they're males, or at least their behaviour suggests they are.

    Thanks in advance!

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    EDIT: Also added a couple of YouTube videos in case this helps :)

  3. chromedome52

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    My first thought was a Chilatherina species due to the color, but the head is too short as that genus has long, pointy heads. It is not any of the Glossolepis species, as I searched through all of those. So we are definitely looking at Melanotaenia, but there are a lot of species in that genus that are somewhat variable, plus some of these fish have been hybridized at the fish farms. If you want to do some searching on your own, you could look HERE . It is the best source for Rainbowfish information.
  4. OP

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    Thanks for your response, would you say it's a male? Would be great to know if it's going to colour up like the males do. Thanks
  5. Adam Pacio

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    R3 and perhaps even R1 look a bit like Kamaka Rainbowfish to my untrained eye. Melanotaenia Kamaka. Irridescent scales, unsure on sexual coloration variance but I've seen them in photos with and without the black horizontal lateral stripe.

    R2 looks a bit like a female Melanotaenia Herbertaxelrodi.

    Again, untrained at this, just a hobbyist recently researching a stock list for a new tank.
  6. altwitch

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    Looks a lot like Melanotaenia trifasciata, Goyder River Rainbowfish, Banded Rainbow Fish to me. If not it's a close relation. As far as sexing them goes I'm terrible so can't offer any help there.
  7. GlennO

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    I agree most likely Melanotaenia but they don’t look like Goyder’s to me. Possibly Cato or Coen River but I’m inclined to think that they are not a Trifasciata variant. Maybe hybrid or some other species entirely, I’m afraid I’m not much help.
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