Help! :( What Is Happening To My Cichlid? Losing Scales, Color?? Disease Or Fighting?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Bizarro252, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Bizarro252

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    Hi everyone.

    I noticed one of my blue Cichlids (sorry he is one of the few I actually am not sure of the name) had some small spots where it looked like scale damage the other day, figuring it was just a run in with a rough rock I just kept an eye on it.

    Today it looks much worse. Any ideas what this is and what I should do about it? :(

    Thank you!

    I have two in the tank, I think they are both male (were the only two the LFS had) and I knew there could come a day where I would need to part with one if they started to fight (if they are both male that is, I assume they are)
    They both sorta show the same signs, one is way worse than the other however... Both look like their foreheads are grey/not smooth...

    The worse one:



    The other one:


  2. AWheeler

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    That looks like some heavy damage, with some sort of secondary infection possibly kicking in. When this happens in my cichlid tank, I start doing more water changes (more than the normal 2x's a week), if that doesn't help then I give them Kanamycin flakes. Always seems to work for me, I've not had a death in a very long time and I've got multiple males in my tank and "off" ratios of m/f.
  3. OP

    Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks, I removed him to a 5 gallon bucket with an air stone and a heater, at least for tonight. Dosed it with some seachem stressgaurd, supposed to help heal and hopefully just relax him a bit...

    I examined him closer then I got him out, nothing feels rough, I am wondering if he is losing color because he is not the alpha, as a submission - I know that can happen in some fish, possibility here?

    Upon closer examination of the photos it looks like the grey areas are indeed missing scales...dangit, I should have payed closer attention...
    @APierce (tagging you because you replied while I was editing )

  4. AWheeler

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    Yeah that is a possibility as well, I hadn't even though of that, but yeah, my one male Demasoni will go all pale from time to time when he is around the alpha Demasoni and my one Yellow lab always shows his black, while the other one doesn't hardly at all.
  5. BeanFish

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    Fish that have pecking orders or a hierarchy will usually change colors when they are figthing, these can be observed in clown loaches or tiger barbs for example however your cichlid did not change color, he lost scales lol.
    Sounds like a good idea to put him in a hospital tank so he gets some peace if they indeed fought altough a 5 gal sounds small. I would consider getting something bigger, maybe a plastic tub, getting him back on his feet and adding him back again to the main tank, if he keeps losing scales then maybe they are indeed fighting and will need to be separated.
  6. OP

    Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    100% agree now that I zoomed in on a pic...UHGGG, guess this comes with the territory but I have had this tank for a a little over a year and a half and only had one death from fighting and that was totally my fault. These two have been in there for months (my profile pic is even one of them, may even be the one that is hurt now).

    He is in a bucket at the moment because my hospital tank is occupied by a angel pair and their eggs that should hatch tomorrow! however I think this should be OK as long as I change the water daily. If I see ammonia I will toss in a seeded sponge filter I have in the main tank.
  7. AWheeler

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    That is definitely what they are, they will grow back though, are both fish showing this, or just the one? Are you sure that it isn't another fish fighting with both of the blue ones? Maybe switch the rocks all around and throw them off guard, it might help if it is another fish deciding that he is going to be king now. If they are distracted, the other blue one will have time to heal as well.
  8. BeanFish

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    Sounds like a plan, if you are able to put him in something bigger dont doubt to do it, space is always welcomed in hospital/QT tanks :).
    Good luck!
  9. OP

    Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks, and yes I have a larger plastic bin thing - this was done in a panic when I came home tonight and he looked like this. I just did a water change yesterday and moved all the rocks around - maybe I messed up someone elses space and they tried to move in together lol. The other blue one has a spot here or there, and his head looks the same so I figured it was them chasing eachother, no other fish are damaged - but good point I will keep a lookout.

    The second two pics in my OP are the other fish, he was moving around much more so didnt get a perfect side on pic, but you can see his head and side have some signs similar to the one who is worse :'(