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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Jordan Jacob, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Jordan JacobNew MemberMember

    So I am getting my first salt-water tank very soon. I got 2 quotes from local aquarium companies for this custom tank. There is a HUGE difference in price. Please let me know your thoughts?

    Quote 1 - $1250 - 40" Long x 22" Wide x 36" Tall
    Quote 2 - $3190 - StarFire - 40" Long x 30" Wide x 36" Tall (little wider)

    The more expensive guy is telling me that the difference is the "starfire glass"

    What is that? And is it worth 2k more?

  2. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember


    That actually does make sense; starphire Glass is very low iron content which makes it much clearer than regular glass; the higher iron content gives it a slightly greenish hue. It’s much less noticeable in smaller sized tanks, but in larger tanks where the glass is thicker, the color is noticeable and can effect viewing (especially if your concerned with it. Lots of aquscape tanks use low iron to get a clearer view for pics and showing). It’s also quite strong.

    Plus, depending on the brand that you are going with, even the cost of labor quality can make the difference.
  3. Brian RNew MemberMember

    Starphire glass is glass with lower iron content which has more clarity and less of a green tint than regular glass. It's a specialty glass so that's why it's more expensive. Low-iron glass is sold under different brand names such as Starphire, Optiwhite, Ultrawhite and probably more. Since low-iron glass has less green tint, you'll be able to see colors and vibrance in your tank that are more true to life rather than with a green tint.

    You can tell between the two easily if you can see the glass edge. Blue is starphire glass, green is regular glass. If at all possible, I highly recommend going to see a stocked aquarium and compare them side by side, the difference is stunning.

    Starphire glass or any low-iron content glass will be about double the cost or more. Whether it's worth the extra cash is up to you! :)
  4. Brian RNew MemberMember

    I overlooked adding some details on clarity and aquarium materials.

    Here are some comparisons at 5mm thickness:

    Optical Clarity
    • Acrylic 92% (easily scratched however)
    • Low-iron glass 91.5%
    • Regular glass 88%
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