Help To Identify What's On My Fish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by neskid, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. neskidNew MemberMember

    Ballon Molly that has always kinda been odd but noticed it's one fin looked odd. Any ideas?

    Forgot to add the picture see below

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  2. Casper&MushuValued MemberMember

    Just looks a little ripped from what i can see on the picture, i wouldn't worry that much, but if it doesn't heal in about a week or two, please let me know.

    Obviously mollies are quite quick and boisterous fish, so i don't think it's uncommon to see ripped fins on it, may i ask if you have any sharps objects such as driftwood, rocks, fake plants etc in the tank, if so the little guy probably just tore the fin on one of those.
  3. neskidNew MemberMember

    It is in a tank with 2 female bettas but they have not been aggressive with it. There is a fake plant but the plant is soft and the fish doesn't really go close it it. Here are a few more pics that might give a better perspective.

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