Help, Tiger Barb Injured , No Idea What To Do.


Was this caused by ?

  1. Attack by tiger barbs

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  2. Fungus/bacterial

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  1. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    Hi, one of my tigers seems to have been attacked or something and I have no idea what to do. I have 7 tiger barbs (2 normal 3 green and 2 albino) housed with 2 tinfoil barbs, 2 rosy barbs, 2 marbled gourami, a zigzag eel and a dragonfin.

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  2. APierce Well Known Member Member

    Can you put the fish in a qt tank? I think it would heal better away from everyone else. I would then treat the injury/infection with some kanamycin.
  3. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    I did. Added some salt too since i don't have kanamycin. Is this normal behaviour for males to attack a female ?
  4. APierce Well Known Member Member

    I would make sure to do extra water changes too, I'm not sure if it is normal or not. I've only ever kept tiger barbs once and it was a long time ago when I didn't know about cycling an aquarium. I only had the same kind in my tank as well, I remember they were a little nasty with each other (I didn't have 6, I had 3) but I don't remember them actually doing any major damage like that.
  5. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    The reason I'm asking is i never had tiger barbs before I mostly had gourami's , spiny eels and plecos. I tried setting up a new tank with barbs. The colour on all of the fish are phenomenal but this behaviour is worrying me to be honest. Here is a vid of the tank.

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  6. APierce Well Known Member Member

    I think there might be some stocking issues, and that is what is causing the aggression. Hopefully someone on here will jump on and give you some better advice :)
  7. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    As in I have to many fish in my tank ?
  8. APierce Well Known Member Member

    It would depend on what size your tank is, but I'm looking at the numbers of the different types of barbs. Especially when you look at the big ones vs the smaller ones. The tiger barb that is you know for sure it was another tiger barb that injured her?
  9. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    Yup seen it with my own eyes. My tank is a 120 gallon and there are 3 species of barbs.The thing is there fins are showing signs of stress...
  10. APierce Well Known Member Member

    What do your readings look like for nitrate? Your tinfoil barbs are going to get huge...the tiger barbs won't get much bigger than 3 inches, and there are only 2 of the tinfoil barbs. I don't think the rose barbs are going to get much bigger than 3 inches either if I remember correctly, and do they shoal with the tiger barbs or are they on their own? Are the tiger barbs just picking on the one fish or do they pick on each other too?
  11. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    nitrates are 70ppm. and the tigers and rosy barbs shoal together. The tinfoil dont bother them to be honest. As for them picking on other fish, they only pick on females.
  12. APierce Well Known Member Member

    The nitrates are pretty high, that can't help with their fins. I'd consider taking the females out and rehoming them if it will stop the aggression.
  13. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    There kinda high cause a water change is due on monday :shame::shame::shame::shame:. Yeah that's what i was thinking because i was gonna breed them as I have done with my rosy barbs. I'll stick to breeding zigzag eels.
  14. IceFyre1414 Well Known Member Member

    You should probably up your water change frequency, it's best to not ever let your nitrates get above 40.
  15. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    Yup I hear yeah mate. Got lazy this month with all my travels and i didn't have time to do a water change
  16. Baron Dimentio Initiate Member

    Just a quick update, relocated the aggressive male, water change also done.The female barb is doing well and fish are unstressed and happy.