5 Gallon Tank HELP!! There are weird worm/parasitic things in my tank!


I’m not sure what these little things are, I am starting up a new 5 gallon tank and am starting the cycling process, and these things just started popping up everywhere.I’ve done water changes whichhave decreased the number but there still everywhere! Any help on getting rid of them, or at the very least identifying them would be much appreciated thank you!


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Looks like someone is laying eggs in your tank.

Because it is only 5gal and your just beginning to start the cycling process, you may want to break it down, clean everything and start over with a lid this time.


Do they swim around or are they attached to the glass? They are either mosquito larva or hydra.


i culture mosquito larvae for live food some times in the summer and normally their larvae is smaller and often reddish for me but i would say it is most likely larvae from some bug that has laid into your tank, as above has said, seening its not cycled (the tank) you may aswell remove everything wash it (dont use soap and chemicals) and then restart it all otherwise the larvae will eventually hatch any fly around your house, next time add a lid to your tank so this shouldnt ever happen again.

If you have a hungry fish they may eat the larvae if they arent too big, perhaps a betta fish would eat em?


Yes I found out they are indeed mosquito larva, I ended up taking everything and washing it off outside and restarting the tank. Thank you for all the help!!


For future reference, if you get them again, your fish will enthusiastically eat them. They are not a threat to your fish or tank. Good luck with the restart.

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