20 Gallon Tank HELP-so many questions-20 gallon setup-what could I use to help from cycled 5 gallon


I have a cycled 5 gallon tank with snails and shrimp (1 nerite, 1 gold inca, 4 amano). It also has 3 live plants, 2 ornaments and gravel with working filter and bubbler. It had guppies in it that unfortunately all died due to columnaris, last one died 3/2.
I recently acquired a used 20 gallon (dry hasn't been used in years, they couldn't keep fish alive).
Columnaris questions-Since my guppies died from columnaris, do I need to do anything to the tank they were in (5g)?
Used tank cleaning questions-how do I clean the used tank and ornaments? Can I use their artificial plants, and ornaments? Is there anything I shouldn't use from the 20 gallon?
Cycled to new questions-If I vacuum my gravel from my existing 5g and do a water change, should I use that water from the vacuum and water change to jumpstart my 20 gallon along with the safestart plus? Should I pull out all of that gravel and put that along with new gravel in the 20 gallon and then put new gravel in the existing 5 gallon? Basically, how much can I remove from my 5 gallon that will help my 20 gallon without having to start over with the 5 gallon? Also, which tank should I keep the shrimp and snails in for now?


Answer 1. You can clean by using aquarium safe sponges (no chemicals), magnets, and basically anything aquarium safe designed to clean the tank, aquarium fake plants get dirty and it's hard to clean them, why not get real plants, they helps water stay nice and clean.
Answer 2. I think it will be easier to just be patient and cycle the tank like you did in your 5 gallon, never use cleaning equipment in one tank to another because you can cross contaminate tanks so you should get cleaning equipment for your new tank especially since you said your 5 gallon has columnaris.
Answer 3. I would put your snails and shrimp in the 5 gallon, better to do a small tank dedicated to them better than a large tank with other fish that can eat them (for shrimp)

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