Help! Slight Problem Should I Worry????

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Setup' started by vikingpillage89, Apr 16, 2019.

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    So I started a reef tank up I put 2 peice of dry rock and 1 live (since removed live) but on the 2nd day the live rock had bristle worms all over it I took the rock out havent seen any in my sand or other dry rock all tho i have seen super tiny snails i think and 2 ultra micro what looks like fish swimming sometimes my big worry is should I start over remove rock sand drain water or will everything die in the tank being I'm not feeding and its 3 days into the cycle with amonia at a 5ppm atm or what do I do I dont mind snails and whatever the baby fish are..
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    Bristleworms are ugly but as long as you don't overfeed the heck out of your tank you shouldn't have an issue with them even if you do get a few as they are a natural part of the cleanup crew. Just don't touch them with your bare hands. If your tank were larger there are many a wrasse I could recommend that would love to help you with bristleworm population control. People often mix up bristleworms with the dreaded Bobbit or Fireworms which are definitely a problem and assume that bristleworms are bad as well when really they aren't. Personally I just find them creepy looking so I went with the Caribsea Life Rock to avoid having to deal with them. Either way your tank shouldn't be overrun with them if you pulled out the rock that was infested with them.
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    I did a complete tear down and clean everything with water viniger going to do dry rock with bare bottom and try this again I was only 5 days Into the cycle anyways so only money lost was sand that vacuumed out wish me luck this time ps i hate worms
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    A bit drastic given that you could've probably just gotten rid of the dry rock and that would've been sufficient at this stage. To each their own though.