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Hi! I have been having a skin reaction when my arm has been immersed in my 29 gallon tank water. I get small tiny itchy raised bumps on my skin (couldnt get a clear picture of them...). They appear within 30 seconds of having my arm immersed in the water doing tank maintenance. However this does not happen in my 15 gallon tank. The only difference btwn. the two I can think of is I have driftwood in my 29, but I boiled it in hot water months and months ago and it has been in the tank this whole time with no problems. Do you think that may be the cause or maybe one of the plants? The plants in both tanks are the same, I did have a dracanea in there until I read it wasn't a real aquarium plant so I removed it last week. I've been washing my arms immediately after they appear and the bumps go away after a half hour or so....Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks


No it hasn't happened to me but please be careful...allergies are so terrible and get worse with each exposure to the object you are allergic to.  You really need to get some aquarium maintenance gloves.  They reach all the way to your armpits and have an elastic top.  If your allergy gets full blown you may have to stop keeping fish...the gloves are cheap insurance.

Please let us know if you need anything.

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Thanks Rose, never thought that it might be an allergy! What a horrible thought being allergic to something fish-related!! haha, but thanks for the advice, it is a good idea. I have seen the gloves around and should pick up a pair.

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