Help! Sick Angel

  1. BAD Initiate Member

    I have 2 black angelfish in my tank, one of which has slowly become almost marbled white, however it doesn't look healthy. He seems to have fin rot along with it and his scales look almost slimy, it's not ick and none of my other fish show symptoms of anything. What's wrong with him and how do I help?
  2. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    First thing is to quarantine him and keep him away from other fish.

    What are your water parameters and picture would help to identify his condition and be able to give you better info.

    Api general qure is good remedy to treat varaety of fin rot and external infections
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  4. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    I can see that there is extensive fin rot. Poor bugger he has been through a bad fin rot.

    If you can quarantine him and get api gereral cure or melafix should work on this. Add aquarium salt and do 30% or more if you can water chages for at least a week.
    If he eats in a week you will notice signs of recovery. If adding salt make sure to top up only for the amount taken out do not dose for the whole aquarium when doing water changes
  5. BAD Initiate Member

    Fin rot is what made him all white? He was originally completely black
  6. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    Cant tell for sure.

    Was he covered buy white fluffy thing or just white color?
    If he felt stressed he could have changed his colour but my fish usualy goes dark when stressed out not white

    Do you have picture of him being white?
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    No red anywhere, just the white. The only way he acts abnormal is that he has become less active.
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    Oh god the white might actually be flesh, he might be losing his scales
  13. virusmk Well Known Member Member

    remove him imediately , it might be too late for any treatment but at leas5 you can try.

    If you can put your hands on Furan2 i5 might help but could not promice that everything would be fine