Help! Shrimp Addicted To Betta Food (funny^_^)

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by Swlws, Jul 15, 2019.

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    I'm busy teaching my daughter to feed fish with me and she made a booboo last night, luckily not a bad one but a cute one. With our 5x Betta tanks (shrimp do enter the story soon so just hold onto your seats you shrimp-fanatics!) I pour the Tetra Betta-Bits (alternate days with Hikari Betta Bio-Gold) into the lid and she does a small pinch into each tank above the Betta. All went well last night as usual and I went to get the other food stuffs for my community tank, when I came back she was on the step ladder by the shrimp with the Betta food in hand and looking very pleased with herself, cant even blame her cause the tank is the same as the shrimp ones and a 2 year old would see the same thing... Long story short, my shrimp LOVE Betta bits, as they were sinking the shrimp were coming out of hiding to find themselves a piece before nibbiling away with gusto! I'm going to be checking more if its alright for them but so far it looks like there will be a new treat in my shrimps future :p
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    Aww lovely that she wants to be involved with the fish :)
    Shrimp can be so entertaining sometimes, mine like to steal food from under the corys noses
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    @OP. You mentioned “HELP” in your header. I personally don’t see any problems with what your shrimp are eating. I feel that what is most important to good shrimp health is a balanced and proper diet. There is a good chance that your Betta food has most of the proper food for shrimp and there should be no harm in them eating it. I would encourage you to make sure they are feed a quality diet of all the food types they need. Do some research on proper shrimp diet. I know Calcium is very important to shrimp.
    If you are still in need of help on this topic please feel free to ask.
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    Too funny. My shrimp are so entertaining. They also swim all the way up to the top of the tank for tetra flakes. It's hilarious watching them grab one and find somewhere to sit and just eat away at it. In my experience they will eat anything they can get their cute little hands on. Not really rated but my snail also likes to push my African dwarf frog out of his feeding spot to try and get his pellets and my frog also eats the flaked food. Guess variety isn't a bad thing for anyone! My daughter that will be 4 in a couple months always leaves kiss marks on our tank glass. She loves our tank.
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    :D Sorry, it was not actually a help needing situation, I thought everyone would have known when I put the "(funny^_^)" at the end but really, thank you for your input, I appreciate the help.

    That is so cute :emoji_gift_heart: my little one is proving to be a lover of all animals and I hope she keeps that love forever.
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  7. OP

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    LOL look at that little guy go! they fit so much personality between their greed :p
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    Shrimp can definitely be little characters

    In my community tank I have a few of the larger shrimp that will swim up on their backs when I feed my guppy, and snatch food from it. I have to grab a little more food now because the shrimp will always go and steal some :banghead: