Help. Should I Remove My Betta Fish?

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My stocking for my 10 gallon includes a golden wonder kilifish, two mollys and one lytrail molly, a rosy red minnow, an otocinclus catfish and a male betta fish(and some bladder snails because I like them). My scape is done with real wood (mostly for the Otto) with lots of hiding places. I wanted a betta for the tank for two reasons. To add some color to the tank (as all fish are golden-ish in color) and to act as the centerpeice fish. I have noticed the betta targeting and chasing the other fish, and the rosy red minnow will sometimes do the same. But I never noticed them actually inflict any harm, until I came home yesterday and noticed that one of my mollys had a good chunk of its tail fin missing. I'm guessing it was the betta fish. I want to know if I should remove the betta or if there is something else I can do to resolve the problem because I really would like a betta in the tank. If I do need to remove it would it be alright if I got a female betta instead?


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Yes, the Betta certainly needs to be removed and not replaced. A Betta community shouldn’t be tried in anything less than a heavily planted 20 long and with compatible fish (live beaters and killifish aren’t a great fit and Otos and WCM require lower temps) A female Betta can be just as aggressive as a male (found mine to all be much more aggressive than my males actually), but to fix the problem the whole tank is going to pretty much have to be redone.

All the fish aside from the killi(which really should be in a pair and not alone) and Betta require a 20 gallon long or 29 for the mollies minimum. The minnows and otos both require a shoal/school with a minimum of 5. Basically, this tank is very overstocked and the fish aren’t that compatible. To fix the aggression and stress issues the best course of action is to either upgrade the tank and separate the incompatible species or rehome some of the fish.

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