Help Setting Up Tank, Just Killed Goldie :(

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Maryanne007, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Maryanne007

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    Hello, newbie here! I just bought a fluval flex 9 gallon to save a goldfish my daughter won at a carnival. The pet store gave me a used filter from a cycled tank they had and two large bags of cycled water which I then added dechlorinated water to. I let it sit in the new tank with the filter on for about 8 hours (at the store's suggestion) and then put goldie in since he was otherwise in a tupperware with decholorinated water. Well, he died this morning.

    So, I'd like to actually do it right and get the tank cycled and get fish that will actually fit into this smaller tank.. so my question is, what do I do now? I took the dead fish out this morning... I just got more supplies, master testing kits, ammonia, gravel, plants, etc. They won't come until tomorrow.

    Should I dump out the old water (its kinda yellowish, and I thought the water didn't really contain helpful bacteria anyway) and refill with clean dechlorinated water?

    Anything else I need to consider? How long will it likely take to cycle? Thanks so much in advance...!
  2. NC122606

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    Did you acclimate it correctly? I would replace the old water and just put yours in so there is not a big change every time you do a water change. Keep the filter media and stuff so it is an almost instant cycle, also please consider getting a bigger tank (if) you do get another goldfish maybe like 20 gallons. Good Luck!!!
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    awww sorry your first fish experience was so so terrible but welcome! In the very beginning of this section Freshwater beginners
    there are a bunch of threads about setting up a new aquarium and cycling your tank and the nitrogen cycle read all of them and when in the middle if you have questions come back and ask them then read some more you will be so glad you did, it sounds complicated at first but once your hands on you'll start to get it! Good for you that you didn't let one bad experience stop you -
  4. OP

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    Thanks, not going to do another goldfish, maybe do beta fish or guppies instead!

    I'm not sure, perhaps I didn't acclimate him enough... :(

    Thanks, will do!
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  5. Annie59

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    I honestly think it was the goldfish that just wasn't real healthy. Those fish from the carnies are mostly feeder goldfish and aren't in the best of health to begin with. It's still sad though, sorry your little fish didn't make it.
  6. OP

    Maryanne007New MemberMember

    I think so too. It already had a black fin and spots, but my 3 year old was still super sad.. Alas, now that I spent $300 buying all the aquarium supplies, I am determined to get a healthy fish in there! Thanks!
  7. clovervalley

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    You could definitely do a Betta or some guppies! Maybe bring your kids to the store once your tank is cycled (see beginner section, yours should be instantly cycled due to the fish store giving you the used filter but it’s still important to understand how it works) and see what kind of fish catches their eye. You would be able to do a Betta and some snails, a single gender guppy tank, a dwarf gourami, and a few other select fishies that will work in a 9g. The good bacteria that helps your tank’s cycle don’t hang out in the water so you should switch it out with your house water. However, don’t wash out the filter they gave you as that will kill the good bacteria. Your fair fish was most likely sick to begin with, so don’t take it too hard! Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask if you have any question :)
  8. Momgoose56

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    I would suggest that before you put any more fish in that tank, you completely drain and replace the water with fresh, dechlorinated water, dose it with 1ppm ammonia and make sure it's cycled. The ammonia level should drop to 0 ppm within 24 hours of dosing the tank. If the ammonia drops to 0 ppm in 24 hours, continue dosing the tank back to 1 ppm each day it drops and check to be sure that the nitrite level remains at 0 ppm and that the tank is producing some nitrates. I'd do this for about a week to be sure it's cycled and to give any parasites the goldfish or fish store filter may have introduced to the tank time to die off.
  9. hanra85

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    Well just to clarify, there's no such thing as bags of cycled water, those bags of cycled water are just waste water full of nitrate, the primary thing you're going to need to do water changes to get rid of in the future. We've all been brand new to the hobby at one point though so don't be too hard on yourself about Goldie or the leaning curve. I have the Flex 15 for my nano, they're very nice tanks. Unfortunately the tanks most often sold as beginner sizes aren't the most forgiving for beginners, imagine running your car in a garage or a warehouse, the smaller the area, the quicker the atmosphere will become polluted and make you sick, larger tanks are more forgiving but as long as you don't overstock it and keep up on water changes you should be fine. A Betta or something that stays small like a group of Celestial Pearl Danios for example would be a great choice for that system once it's cycled! Good luck!
  10. OP

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    Thanks very much. Will do so!

    Good to hear you like the flex tank! I wish I had bought the 15 now...

    Thanks so much! I'm sad about the death of the goldfish but am excited to choose better fish given the size of my tank!
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  11. BottomDweller

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    I have the 15 gal fluval flex with one betta, 6 amano shrimp, 1 horned nerite snail, 1 rabbit snail and a couple of Ramshorn snails. They are good tanks but their shape is not so great for stocking. Even though my tank is 15 gallons I would not feel comfortable putting any schooling fish in there since it is only about 16" long. The cube shape of the tanks limits swimming room.