Help Setting Up Quarantine Tanks Please?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Quarantine' started by oOturquoiseOo, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. oOturquoiseOo

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    I'm hoping to save on shipping ($60 per shipment :'( ) and get all my fish/shrimp at once. My tank is 66 gallons. I have 2 30 gallon tanks. I'm thinking the 2 vampire shrimp will go into the main tank right away (it's cycled) and then I'll split the fish into the 2 quarantine tanks.

    How long should they stay in there?

    Should I add a few fish from the quarantine tanks at a time to the big tank?

    If I put large sponge filters into my cycled tank now (rated to 55 gallons each) how long do you think it'll take for them to be populated with bb enough so I can put them in the quarantine tanks?

    Besides filters and heaters what else do I need in the tanks? I don't have gravel etc but I can put in some things to act as caves and such.

    Any other tips are welcome!

    I won't be getting the fish for a little while (however long it takes to get the sponge filters cycled)

  2. Adriana N

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    Hi. I think that since you are getting the fish online, it would be a good idea to quarantine them, as you are already planning. The fish should be in there for about a month or less, so you could keep observing them, just in case there are already noticeable complications, or if the fish have a disease that shows gradually, or vaguely. I personally would limit the number of hiding places just so that you can fully observe all of them, but not too little where the fish are or will be stressed.
  3. OP

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    Thank you. Maybe a few terra cotta pots?
  4. AllieSten

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    You should ideally quarantine for 40-60 days. Some say to treat with some preventative meds, some say not to.

    I just got my first fish into a quarantine tank yesterday. I added a dose of Prazipro today, just to prophylactically treat for parasites. Since that is one of the most common problem seen with pet store fish. After Prazipro is finished, I will just let them hang out for a month or so.
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    So ... let me get this straight ...

    Your main tank is cycled, but currently empty? You want to get all your fish stock at the same time, put the inverts in the main tank, and split the fish between 2 30gal quarantine tanks?

    I'd split the fish, put half in the display tank (this then effectively enters quarantine status), half in one of the QT, and keep the 3rd tank on standby for emergencies.

    Otherwise, you might as well have cycled the quarantine tank filters, left the main tank uncycled, and transferred the sponges/media to the main filter.

    You could leave the bottom of the QT bare, as that will make it easier to clean, and, as long as you can see the fish, lights in the QT are personal choice - I never had them in mine. Otherwise, it essentially needs the same things as the main tank - filter, heater, places to hide. This is where I put my fake plants, and any fake rocks or ornaments.
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    Thank you

    The place I'm getting the fish /shrimp from suggested putting the vampire shrimp into the main tank first since it's cycled and ready to go. He said they will get comfortable in there then before the fish come in. I only have 2 30 gallon tanks so I'll have to use them to quarantine the fish. I would like to try to get them all at once to try to save on shipping. I have to keep the fish and shrimp separate for the quarantine period because they're in different tanks at the shop too.

    I've never medicated fish prophylactically. I don't know if I should. The place I'm ordering from is very reputable.
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    The main tank is set up and cycled and empty because I've been trying (unsuccessfully) for months to get it cycled and stocked. After months of problem shooting I finally got it cycled and then I couldn't get the fish from the place I had originally planned to order from because they only ship ups and ups only delivers once a week to my town. So instead of ordering from one province away (Nova Scotia) I have to order from 3 provinces away (Ontario) It's frustrating and nerve wracking because I know I can get express post from Canada Post in one day from Dartmouth but Scarborough makes me worry :(