Help Setting Up First Canister

  1. Aquaphobia

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    Ok, I admit it, I'm terrified of canister filters! I have 2 Rena filters, one the large XP3 and the other I think is an XP1. Or an XPL and an XPS. The bigger one has 3 trays and the smaller has 1. I think. I've been so scared to use them that I finally just put them and all the media-filled trays in my storage cupboard:eek:

    So...what tips can you give me for how to set one of these up? I'm scared!
  2. KinsKicks

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    What parts do you have that came with it? What media are you going to use?

    And I can explain how to do the set up of you like :)
  3. OP

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    The only thing I think I'm missing are the clamps to hold the hoses on the canister connector. The media I've got inside are proprietary sponges and plastic pot scrubbers.

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  4. KinsKicks

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    The outlet doesn't have a spray bar? Or do you not want to use it?

    As for inlet, there should be an extension piece for you to elongate it in your tank (it should be a bout four inches up from your substrate)

    Edit: this also allows you to attach the suction cups so it attaches to the side of your tnak