Help! Rescued A Beta From Petco! And I Think It’s Sick

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hI there everyone! Let me give you a brief background. I just entered college and decided to get some pet fish, I bought a 10 gallon tank, filter, heater, thermostat, moss balls and a plant, decorations for them to hide in, substrate, and an air pump just in case, I also have a 1 gallon QT tank. Now I know nothing about fish, but I did some research because I want them to have a good life. I got a blue crown tail betta and 3 golden pandas. ( I was thinking about getting 2 top floating fish but I thought that would overcrowd the tank... what do y’all think? Anyways now to the main problem. The betta is relatively small and his colors were very dull (they’ve gotten a little bit better” his tail looks very frail, and he likes to sleep inside his cave. He’s not aggressive at all the other fishes will sometimes accidentally run into him or tank food right next to him but he doesn’t care he’s kind of shy and timid. I began researching on sickness and I believe he may have fun rott snd swim bladder but I do not know enough about fishes to diagnose that, can someone please tell me if there is something wrong with him? I really want to give him a good life.- also my room gets very stuffy sometimes when I get back from class so I leave the fan on, and turn on the air pump for a few hours, it’s strong so when I get back I turn it off because I know the betta doesn’t like strong currents. I also do a 20% water change daily... I use tap water and use some betta conditioner and regular conditioner ... I also don’t know how much to feed them and how to stop the betta from over eating the other fishes food... he eats a mixture of tropical fish flakes, tiny blood worm pellets that enhance coloring, and betta flakes. I also just noticed his tail has some slightly white tint in it, some red, and black spots at the end. I don’t know if this is stress or because he’s in a new environment but I know something is wrong

Forgot to mention that he keeps his fins close to him most of the time, his eyes kind of poke out but I don’t know if that’s just regular. I’ve also had him for 3 days now. I had the tank set up before I got the fish and got the water tested at petco and they said it was good. I also scoop out excess food after 5min. His stomach was bloated 2 days ago but I barley fed him yesterday and he’s back to normal now. I feed them once in the morning and once at night. (Right before I do the water change, let the air pump run a little, and then turn off the lights.) here’s a pic of the tank


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If there is excess food then you are feeding way too much. He does appear to have frayed fins indicating fin rot. Do daily water changes and keep the water as clean as possible. If he has swim bladder that would help as well.
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Why don't you go to the betta profile page on this forum and read all about bettas!

Just click the blue betta on my post , btw, make sure you only feed him 2 or 3 pellets a day if that, and make sure to soak them in water before you feed them to him, bettas have small tummies! Also he is a BEAUTIFUL betta ! take good care of him

heres an interesting link, also make sure to read up on mollies on the fishlore care sheet, wldn't want them to be neglected they would be under livebearers
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The wikI says that the crown tail betta can have a torn look to its fin, do you think my betta is healthy? Or that I should go ahead and quarantine him and give him aquarium salt?
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I wouldn't give him salt. Just plenty of clean water.
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All crown tail bettas look like their fins are torn, but in reality they aren't so I wldn't worry
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Hello! Welcome to Fishlore! Your betta looks nice and healthy
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His fins look a little beat up. Pick up some stress coat to help regrow his fins and reduce stress. Is your tank cycled? Do you know about the nitrogen cycle? To help control the air pump get a valve. Just cut the air tubing in half and connect it and there you go. Feed the betta until his stomach is softly rounded, not too fat. Usually 3-4 pellets once or twice a day is fine but skip a day to clear out their system.

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