Help Replacing Aquatees hood/lid

Hey all,

I just bought the Aquatees 320 litre tank and I want to replace the lid with a custom made glass of some kind. I’ve bought another light to take this one off. I’ve attached photos of what I am talking about. It looks like I may need 3 separate sheets of glass as there’s glass already keeping it together. Also, if there’s a glass lid and a full spectrum light of some kind is above the glass, will it affect the lighting or brightness etc? Or would I reflect?

my main reason for doing this, is cos I’ve got a cycled canister filter running in my old tank and I want to move this to my new one, but I can’t cos of the lid/lighting now.

anyone have this tank and converted to run an external filter?

also does anyone recommend a specific glass sheet I need and where I can order them from in Melbourne Australia.

thanks guys
Can you bring your existing lid to a specialized shop that will cut holes in it where you need them for the hoses and other equipment ?
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