Help! Pregnant dalmation molly!

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    molly0813 New Member Member

    I have had my dalmation molly for almost three weeks now. I believe she was pregnant when I bought her because her stomach kept getting bigger in the first few days of having her.. I also have a male molly in there. Her stomach looks pretty squared off and I see many orange spots on her, but I do not know any signs of her about to give birth... can someone help???? :confused:

    Also, she has not been swimming around as much as usual and she is staying more towards the top of the tank. Sorry the picture is not the best, she was moving while taking the picture.

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    Aquatic_Aston New Member Member

    If she is preggers then expect some babies :) Mollys can breed as much as once a month 10 to 50 babies but you will probley only get a few surviours. Is any of your other fish fat and do you overfeed then if not then she is pregant.
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    molly0813 New Member Member

    Are there any signs that I should see before she is about to give birth? Because I definitely know she is pregnant.
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    bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    Looking at the picture I would say your Molly has some time to go still. Mollies will start getting a squared off abdomen a few days to a week before they give birth. Your fish isn’t really showing a squared off look yet. Mollies can take up to 60 days to give birth unlike most other livebearers which give birth every 30 days or so.
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    Fishywishy New Member Member

    Looks like that she is pregnant. :(