Help Possible Dropsy!

  1. Simon711 Member Member

    So I currently have my betta fish in a 3.5 gallon heated, filtered, and cycled tank with two ghost shrimp that I recently added and I noticed that my betta fish has begun to swell under his gills. There is slight pineconing because of the swelling and I don't know what to do. Is this dropsy? What do I do? Is this because of the shrimp that I added? I tried to get as little of the LFS water in the tank as possible but that could be it I put the shrimp in the tank using a net, I didn't pour them in. Please help guys. I am so worried.

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  2. Simon711 Member Member

    I just realized that this is probably not dropsy, but he is just bloated. How do you guys recommend fixing this?

  3. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, he looks bloated to me. I have never personally dealt with this with my betta, but I have heard a lot of people suggest a couple days of fasting, followed by feeding a small bit of deshelled blanched pea. It supposedly acts as a natural laxative. Another option is feeding daphnia, a kind of uncommon fish food, that supposedly has a laxative-type effect. A third option is a short epsom salt bath, but that sounds more stressful to me. Maybe something to try if the pea doesn't work. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, though. I'm not an expert or anything. Good luck!
  4. Simon711 Member Member

    Those are all things I have read aswell! I will try the fasting and then the pea if it doesn't work.

  5. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    kinda hard to see but doesn't appear to be dropsy , just seem bloated. Try the fasting for 2-3 days then feeding a pea , if that doesn't work out than a Epsom salt bath may be required.
  6. KnownToSome Initiate Member

    Also, I would recommend feeding frozen daphnia for a few meals- it's a great laxative and is a good source of calcium, plus the frozen live foods are good to use during recovery!
  7. Simon711 Member Member

    Okay thank you all! I will get right on helping him get better!

  8. Beaban Initiate Member

    My betta was severely bloated after I gave him too many pellets he looked just like this.

    I left him to digest for a day and he did a poop about the width of his body and then he was skinny again.