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Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by Smith, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. SmithNew MemberMember

    Iam a new aquarium hobbyist ( one month). I got my 4 female guppies 3 weeks back foe 10 g tank and the very next day one of them delivered new frys and other 2 more are pregnant( lol .. lucky me). And now my questions are out of my 2 frys one seems to be growing and the other one is same size as when it born( I have separated them with a breeder net in the same tank). They are 19 days older now. Iam feeding them with powdered flakes 3 times a day and alternative days egg yolk. Both are eating well and active too. But the lil one is still tiny. Can anybody help me find why is it so or what can I do to help it grow
    And my second question is, do the same guppy will show sign of labor with in 19 days.the same guppy who gave birth to my lil ones is isolating herself from the group ( either behind the net or behind the filter) always from yesterday and not eating much( and her belly is not as big as the other two ladies but big ) Can it be sign of labor or she is sick. Oh I have 2 more males in the tank and some times they are bothering her and she is scaring them away. Please help and I apologize if my post is too big . As a beginner I wonder what's happening
  2. endlercollectorFishlore VIPMember

    Congratulations on the new tank and the fry! You are well on your way to lotsa lotsa guppies ;)

    As you have discovered, there can be a huge variety of shapes and sizes in a group of fry. It is virtually unheard of to buy non-pregnant females, and you have no idea who the father is (or fathers are). They will continue to be pregnant and drop fry for the rest of their lives. The males will never stop courting and chasing them as it's their only reason for existing. I would recommend that you either leave the fry with the adults or else get a separate 10-gallon for them if you're concerned about their survival rate.

    The one that is hiding may be stressed out, ill, in labor, or just trying to get a break. It's hard to tell. Do you have some plants in there to help the females hide a bit? How are you water parameters and water changes going?
  3. SmithNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply.I have live plants and lots of hiding places. And weekly once iam doing 10% water change too. And I tested the water and the parameters are perfect. I don't bother much about the frys ,but as these two are our first babies,my daughter wanted to save them.. And the female guppy... she still doing the same,hiding behind the net or filter. This is the third day

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