Help Please With New Tank!


So I was watching one of the youtubers I watch snd he got a knew 75 gallon fish tank. He said he was going on a trip and he said in a few days when he is back his tank will be ready for fish. I have pictures of what he was using and a link. I have a 29 gallon and I want to cycle it and get some fish. Here are the pictures and the video link. For the video link go towards the end of the video and you will see what I am talking about.

Video link:

Mick Frost

5 days is not enough time to cycle a tank properly. Any bacterial colony ramped up that fast is very likely to crash. Fishless cycling does not happen in an unattended tank. Please, for the sake of the fish, take your time and do it properly.


Looks risky, I would just do it the normal way


If you try it - please post your progress here so we can learn & follow along. If you don’t want to do the long fishless cycle, there are bacterial products (TSS, Stability) that can speed things up to 2 weeks. 5 days unattended would be something.

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