help please they are dieing...

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    Hi guy's
    :-[, I have a small problem (apart from my spelling, sorry).
    I got home from work today and found all my fish sitting at the top of the water head up, apart from two neon teatas which were dead with very very sollowing tummies. I had done a water change the day before with treated water and so did another 25% one tonight. but now one of my clown louchs is very very pale and sitting on the bottom, none of the fish are eatting or show interest in food.

    the only thing i found when i got home was that the air pump and stones weren't going...

    i have now turned them on. this is switched on when the lights go out, and the tank has been running for about 5 months now. with a fulvel 404 and eheim 2028 filters and 3 300 watt hreaters at about 26 c...

    the tank is 5foot by 2 by 2. planted with 5 clown, 4 neons 4 bristle nose, 6 peppered cory's two molly's, 4 sae. the last clown was added two weeks ago and he looks fine...

    help please..

    now the air is on when the lights arent they aren't at the top...

    other then that, everything looks fine, no3 no2 low ph is up a bit at 7.6.... i use prime to condishtion the water before puting it in....

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    Tech501 welcome to FishLore!! Stop by the welcome forum and tell us a little about your tank(s) .
    Do you have water tests. Most of us use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kit. We need to know your numbers for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates please.
    How often do you do water changes and how much. These things will help us help you ;)
    Again welcome.

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