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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by D0bber, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. D0bber New Member Member

    Hey guys yesterday I woke up to a few guppies with red gills mainly female they also have red anus but I think its red poo looks to be to thick for worms. No blood worms were fed and water is normal ammonia under 0.25. Anyone have any ideas what it might be? They were perfect 2 days ago. No fish were deformed 2 days ago either. Could really do with help.

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  2. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Ammonia should be at 0, never anything above, which could be making their gills red.
    To me one of those fish looks like a bigger fish tried to eat it, but it could be something else happened.
    It almost looks like There's a female betta in there?
    What all do you have in this tank for other fish?

    What are your nitrites and nitrates at?

    We probably need some closer better photos of the red poo and red butt, I don't really see that in the photos provided, but it may be internal parasites.
  3. Epicoz Well Known Member Member

    What do you feed them
  4. D0bber New Member Member

    Feed them flakes. Just molly guppy tetra a pleco and 2 cory.. no female betta. 0 and 5 are the other readings the test kit I have gives the reading from 0 to 0.25 the colour is more 0 but hard to tell as there nearly the same shade
  5. Nick72 Valued Member Member

    Totally normal for the ammonia to read somewhere between 0 to 0.25.

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a true 0 reading, although I know my ammonia is 0.

    This is more about the test kit than it is the ammonia.

    As long as you get that ambiguous 0 to 0.25 every time you test you can be pretty sure you don't have an ammonia issue.
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  6. D0bber New Member Member

    I dunno maybe internal parasite but last thing I need is to lose the community tank and I'm no closer to an answer. I'll continue with garlic and dose for internal parasite and see