Help Please... Just Molting Stage Or Passed Away.. Help

  1. 19Nicola88 Initiate Member

    Hi all, I brought a fish tank last November. Got it all set up and brought another tank full of fish and pinchy.
    Transition into the new tank went really well they love that it's bigger.
    Since having them pinchy has molted once in the 7months. She didn't really show any signs of molting that I remember of just woke up to seeing the shell.
    When I went to bed Thursday 18th I noticed she was hiding behind the plant. Woke up Friday morning she was still there and still hasn't moved all day...
    I've looked up on the internet but it's confusing me. How can I tell if she's still alive and going to molt or if she's passed away.
    Any help really appreciated thanks.
  2. KinsKicks Well Known Member Member

    Could you send a pic? If she has molted, it isn't unusual to hide, they can't necessarily grow their shells back overnight. If she is dying, they usually become opaque and if they are dead they look like (sorry for the morbidity) cooked shrimp; pink and opaque.

  3. 19Nicola88 Initiate Member

    d3667d6c6715614b8cb3d4b21406585f.jpg 4c80f75708ca293d2331793355ed3195.jpg
  4. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    She's having a hard time finding shelter so that she feels comfortable enough to shed. If this behavior started yesterday, you may find the shell tomorrow. Mine will basically stay in her cave for two days before, during, and after a molt. Your girl is larger so it may just be taking longer. Is your water hard enough? (KH)

  5. KinsKicks Well Known Member Member

    I know this may be a little uncomfortable, but have you tried touching her, seeing if she reacts to a stimulus? Or watching her eyes for any sign of movement. Even molting crayfish will react to a little bit of disturbance. Although, don't try anything too dramatic for another day or so, maybe start with putting some food in front of her face; nothing that is going to freak her out.
  6. 19Nicola88 Initiate Member

    The other fish seems to be going down to her a lot more then they normally do. Some of them have even brushed her slightly and I didn't see a reaction could this be normal? Water is as it normally is.
  7. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Do you know how old she is?

  8. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    In the last picture, the eye still has a light in it. It is not glazed over. In my experience, the eyes are usually the first things to give confirmation of death if you are not monitoring heart and lungs.
  9. 19Nicola88 Initiate Member

    Thanks all the unfortunately during her shed she passed away. Xx
  10. KinsKicks Well Known Member Member

    Oh no! I'm so sorry! Sometimes sheds can be quite rough on them...She was a beauty :)

  11. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    So sorry for your loss.
  12. 19Nicola88 Initiate Member


    She was indeed bless her. Xx
  13. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    How old was she? Her blue was so intense.
  14. 19Nicola88 Initiate Member

    She was around 9years old.
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  16. Mike150 Initiate Member

    Sad. She was a beauty