Help please! Angels fighting!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Forums' started by Sharpie, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. SharpieValued MemberMember

    I have these 2 angel fish for about 3 months or so,thy were the best friends all the time never get more than few inches one from another always together.I just noticed them fighting and fighting very aggressive! Lithely attacking each other! Their lips stuck together,they bit each other on the sides too.Does that mean i have 2 of the same gender? 2 males or 2 females? Now they went together to their favorite corner and both just chilling. If its a fight for being 2 of the same genger should I find a new home for one? Any help will be highly appreciated! ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1406852746.513517.jpg

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  2. TeishokueWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, most likely same gender of age of breeding
  3. SharpieValued MemberMember

    OMG!!! Look what I found when got back from work!!! Angels puts 100's off eggs on the amazon sword,yes the same ones that I thought it was same gender.One stays next to eggs and is extremely protective is that a female? Is there any way I can save any of them if they hatch? Never had angels lay eggs ever! ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411165766.923390.jpg

    What is my options? In order saving any of it? I dont have a quarantine tank :( its a 36g bowfront can I put some kind of divider?
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  4. Amzwiz87Valued MemberMember

    This person made a divider with doubled up plastic craft mesh. I have seen people do this a lot.....try to google how.

    If that's not an option maybe just give the guys lots of cover floating plants, java moss, caves, and so on and maybe a few can make it to adulthood.

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  5. Fishy FriendsWell Known MemberMember

    Over the last couple of years my 2 pair of Angels (each pair in different tanks) laid many batches of eggs & they ate the eggs soon thereafter. I didn't know if I had infertile males or what. Then earlier this year I rescued a pair of Angels from a tank at work. I had to put them with 1 of my pair in the 55gal. Strangely - they switched partners!

    It was only after the switch that I actually saw fertilzed eggs become wigglers. I was not prepared but I drove to Petsmart & was able to find a mesh breeder - under 5 dollars - plastic pieces with a square mesh slipped over it after you snap it together. I took the mesh breeder & put it in the water & under the plant & hooked the breeder to the side of the tank. But they only lived a couple of days :-(

    Now - I just found an anubias leaf when I got home covered with eggs too! This same pair. I am going to try & figure out if the tank was not warm enough last time for the babies.

    I have found in all cases both male & female care for & protect the eggs. Female has a short sort of roundish tube from her underside - male more of a pointed tube.

    Good luck!
  6. SharpieValued MemberMember

    Bad news :( soonest the light went off the eggs were gone,I went outside for a smoke,came back and 90% of eggs were gone...
  7. Fishy FriendsWell Known MemberMember


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