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    I have an exciting discovery: a baby snail in my tank!!!! I had a mystery snail for a bit...and she all of a sudden died. Actually, I kind of thought it was a he. Anyway, my snail did not have a companion, nor was there an egg clutch, but now I have a baby snail in my tank! From what little I can see of it, it looks kind of mystery-ish. (Yay, because I looooved my snail!!!)

    Big question: Will my platy eat my baby? I only have a platy in the tank. Gravel substrate, a marimo ball, moneywort, 1 java fern, 1 anachris, and a bubbler; I took out the other decorations for a good cleaning and haven't returned them to the tank as of yet.

    Thank you!!!!
  2. tunastrack

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    I doubt it is a mystery snail. It is impossible for them to be born with out an egg clutch. Are you sure it was a Mystery? There are other species of snail who are live beares who look kinda like a Mystery. Could you post a picture?
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    Tuna- you're right...I guess at the late hour after a long day, I got so excited to see snails I assumed...I'm thinking from what else I've seen that they look like tiny pond snails (and that would make more sense)
    would a goldfish enjoy snacking on pond snails or is that impossible?
  4. aylad

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    I'm sure your platy won't mess with your snail. Mine have never shown much interest in snails of any size.
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    Mine have eaten a snail. But only once and there are a lot of them in there now. It happened when I first got the snails but they haven't shown any interest since, but mine are not pond snails they are ramshorns.

    I think it was a one off the snail may have provided the fish with an opportunity they couldn't refuse. I have seen one snail get stuck on its back waving itself at the fish lol
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