Help! Platies And Guppies Attacking Bn Pleco!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by april_fish, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. april_fish

    april_fishValued MemberMember

    It's a 20g long. Stock:
    6 harlequin rasboras
    3 guppies
    3 platies
    1 albino BN pleco

    I just got the pleco 2 days ago. He was doing great until today, when I added an algae wafer into the tank. He found the algae wafer and started to eat it. I also put another algae wafer in the middle of the tank for the other fish, so they wouldn't try to steal the pleco's algae wafer. But 2 of the platies and 1 guppy started to attack the pleco! I did not know what to do. I took out those platies and guppy and put them in a container, about 1/2 gallon, just to get them away from the pleco.

    Now I don't know what to do! It's very late at night here.

    -Should I put them back in the 20g long?
    -Should I put them in one of my other tanks?
    I have a 20g tall with 8 skirt tetras, could I put them in there?

    I also have a 10g betta and shrimp tank. I know this tank is too small for a betta community, but my betta is very very peaceful and has never shown any aggression towards any of the shrimp or snails that have been in his tank before. Challenge the Wild (YouTuber) has a 10g with guppies, platies, and a betta (they get along really well), and his betta is very peaceful just like my betta (Angel). Should I risk putting them in there? If they start to attack Angel I could just take them out very fast.

    I really appreciate any advice or help! I'm so worried, I feel so bad for my pleco.
  2. Aquaphobia

    AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    How much damage can they really do to an armoured catfish? I would just put them back. When the lights are out the Pleco will have the wafer all to himself anyway :)
  3. OP

    april_fishValued MemberMember

    So put them back? I may have overreacted a little lol. I was so worried about my pleco because I didn't want him to feel scared in his new home! If they continue to attack him, could he be injured? Will the platies and guppies not be able to find him in the dark?

    Thank you so much for replying so quickly!

  4. Aquaphobia

    AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    Your Pleco is not only armoured, he's armed! I'd be more concerned about the damage he could do to the other fish ;)

    In the dark your Pleco will be more active while the others will go to sleep. Does your Pleco have places to hide like a nice piece of driftwood?
  5. OP

    april_fishValued MemberMember

    Ok good I will put them back!

    I have a pretty big piece of driftwood and a couple large rocks.

    Oh yeah I was wondering about their tail.

    Sometimes his tail is "extended" (not sure how to describe it), sometimes it is scrunched up. Does this show when he is stressed?
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  6. goplecos

    goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    He is flaring. They do that when they are scared, startled, and mine does it when he is asking for food. I would put the fish back in there they soon realize that they cannot take food from him. If he is still a baby or a juvenile I would would put him in the 20 tall until he gets to 4+ inches. I also give mine wafers after I turn off the light because they are nocturnal.
  7. OP

    april_fishValued MemberMember


    Would he do better in the 20 tall? There is no driftwood in that tank though.
  8. goplecos

    goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    I would only do it if he's still a baby or juvenile. But he could be kept there permanently if you move the driftwood over. I also give mine a few soft pieces of Cholla wood to eat every 2-3 months, because it helps with their digestive system.
  9. OP

    april_fishValued MemberMember

    I think he's a baby, I'm not sure though. He's about 1.5 inches. But why should I move him to the tall instead of keeping him in the long?
  10. goplecos

    goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    He is a baby. A healthy Albino BN should reach 4-5 inches (6-8 is possible but that is super super rare). As a baby he is still vulnerable, and I have never heard of tetras bothering BNs. Though when I was first starting with plecos I had the same thing happen with a few platies and a 2 inch baby. Once he reaches 3-4 inches it would be safe to put him back in the long. I think the 20 long would be better long term because it will give him more swimming space. That's all I can help you with, as it is getting super late here and I have work in the morning, lol. I hope I was helpful.

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