Help! Paradise Fish And...scarlet...badis..??

Discussion in 'Paradise Fish' started by jaderivf, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. jaderivf

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    I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!! I obviously wasn't.
    IS there a way to keep the two together? Has anyone done it? I have a 20g long, big shoal of white clouds, small shoal of corydoras habrosus, a beaufortia hillstream loach, and neon blue stiphodon. obviously going for an asian hillstream inspired tank. I impulse bought the paradise fish (though i had done a lot of previous research, before ultimately deciding against it).
    But here i am
    two beautiful fish that i've fallen in love with and desperately want to keep.
    i could potentially rehome the badis into a nano tank, but i want it in my main tank.
    and i want to keep the paradise fish, but dont have another tank big enough to put it into.
    my last and worst option is to bring the paradise fish back to the store.
    pretty sure it is a female, and she isn't hideously agressive with the other fish, however, i've been keeping her in a large net breeder within the tank. she has space, and i did let her out for a test run this evening, to see how she'd behave. she seems sweet, but she nipped at two of my white clouds, so i don't trust her alone overnight.
  2. Donovan Jones

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    Honestly I'd eliminate the paradise fish. They're basically time bombs in a community of small fish outside fast schoolers or large aggressive fish. I've heard they hold their own with Africans. A ten gallon tank will work as a growout til you get something like a 20 high, but I'm pretty surr that Petco is still having a dpg sale, so maybe an unfiltered 20 long with lots of plants is an option.
    I keep a female with a slender madtom, cories, and did have a blue acara with her, but he got too big.
    Edit...looking back the post I think everything may work out if you move the badis, but the paradise fish will probably kill the badis.
  3. OP

    jaderivfNew MemberMember

    thanks for the input; i really appreciate it. I've decided to give the paradise fish up to my LFS. it makes me feel kinda bad (in my family, we always give new pets 'forever' homes, so it feels unfair of me), however, she started picking on my white clouds. Bit my eldest male, who is starting to go blind and may or may not struggle to stay safe from her. back in the breeder, sadly. I just don't have the room (or the green light) for another 'full sized' tank at the moment. i was really hoping that she'd be okay, since she's still a young female. about 2 in; barely bigger than my adult white clouds. but i guess it just the way of the paradise fish.
  4. SM1199

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    I've been in the same situation as you before, where a fish doesn't quite work out in a community like I thought they would. I had to make the tough decision to rehome, which, like you, I don't enjoy because of the "forever home" aspect I've been raised on. I've found, though, that by rehoming the problem fish, everyone else is much happier. You're making your forever home much safer for a lot of fish by rehoming just the one.
  5. Seasoldier

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    Hi, is the badis scarlet badis or badis badis (blue perch)? either way they're small quite timid fish & are easily out competed for food & won't do well with a paradise fish in the tank, I'd listen to the advice above & rehome the paradise.
  6. Donovan Jones

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    Do u still have it that you could post a pic? At 2 inches even males look like females, so it could be a male.
  7. OP

    jaderivfNew MemberMember

    pretty sure it's a li'l girl. the group i picked her from was old enough to be sexually dimorphic. and her tail was split when i got her

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  8. Donovan Jones

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    It's hard to tell since the tail looks like it may have taken a beating but it does indeed look to be a female...I'm about 70 percent sure.
  9. Belontia

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    That's a female. I'm 110% sure. That's a subadult female. Give her a scarlet badis for company. They'll get along just fine (for a few minutes), like a pit bull and a poodle.