Help! Only fish that survive are my rosy barbs!


So my 36g tank was cycled and finished around Christmas. I put in 4 rosy barbs, 4 tigers and 1 albino tiger. Male tiger killed the rest of the tigers, finally took him back to the store, got one more rosy and 5 cherry barbs and a pleco. Cherry's died one by one during that week, pleco made it a month (I got him due to brown algae, so he had food). Then, down to 5 rosys, put in 2 blue gourami's, took 3 weeks for those to die. The only thing surving are the rosy's...They don't seem to be bullying anything (1M/4F). Water: 0 ammonia, and I have the test strips and everything is in the "safe zone"....the water is hard though, use a softening pillow now, seems to help. Now I'm starting to get brown algae again so need algae eater?? I'm afraid of killing more fish but I'd like more than 5 rosys in this good size tank. Any advice? Thanks!


If I were you I would not use any chemicals outside of prime or amquel+ to treat the water... Also test strips are not consistent, I suggest a liquid test kit. Good luck and hang in there.

P.s. Algae is not a big deal... Clean it manually.


Thanks for the quick reply. I do use Prime only, during water changes....but maybe I shouldn't worry with the pillow thing? It really helps with the white build up all over everything, but I'd rather keep my fish alive I clean the algae manually, it just seems to come so quickly. I was hoping for a small species of some sort? Also, ideas of tank mates would great It's so boring in there now.

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