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  1. Arikat

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    I got a female betta from petsmart about 6 months ago. She was like a tan grey and labeled a half moon. People said she had been there for a long time and that she was too ugly to sell. I was buying for a sorority and I decided that even if i didn't like her, she could live in a happy environment, recently her tail seems to not be half moon. Also she turned completely purple so definitely marble gene. Just wondering if her tail is normal, and If i should worry about it, thanks. please see attached files for images.

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  2. Demeter

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    I'm seeing halfmoon, based on the dorsal and well rounded tail. She could be a delta but those two are so similar it's hard to say which is which unless you get the fish to flare out and look at how far the tail spreads out. She has become a lovely and vibrant girl.

    Also, you can't say for sure she had the marble gene because of how she colored up after getting her to a decent home. All bettas color up after they get out of those tiny cups. The marble gene occurs when a betta that has patchy colors (much like a koi) changes, usually to one of the darker colors. Then there's the blue--->red marble gene where an originally all blue betta fades out and become red/orangish.

    I have a male double tail plakat that was bought nearly all white with a few patches of black. Now he's all metallic black with just white on his head.