Help on a Snowflake Moray Eel care.


okay, I lost all the fish in my tank, my tang and my dogface and my damsel and my clown.

For an early b-day present, my dad bought me a 10 inch long snowflake eel that I have gotten to eat frozen shrimp. She is gorgeous and she is soo beautiful.

I was wondering, I also have some frozen squid, freeze dried krill. Should I also offer these foods to her? Also, the guy who sold me the eel told us that she would accept live fish. Should I try to give her live fish? If so, how often, I don't want her to become too dependent on live food. Also, how often should I feed her? She ate yesterday and again today, is that normal? my friend said that it varies from eel to eel and that she may just like to eat everyday. Also, I would go down to the beach and get some small crabs for my dogface puffer...would she benefit from eating those as well?

here are two pics of my little angel....I have decided to name her StarrLyte.




they are such beautiful creatures!!

my snowflake is almost 4 foot long now and is a great animal.

I feed mine once a day, this is also to keep it gettin a bit peckish and knocking off some of the smaller fish in my tank!!!

I chose to feed it a variety of frozen and fresh seafoods. I find that it likes small "whitebait" fish that I get from any bait shop for fishing.
I also head down to the local seafood market or shop and buy a variety of fresh seafood from them, a bit of fresh baby octopus, fresh prawn, fresh fish, muscles etc then I freeze it myself and thaw it out each feeding with some warm water.

They do seem to have large appetites, they may have very fast metabolisms (which may also depend on water temp..not sure) I'm sure experts may clear it up...

I am no expert but that is how I manage to keep mine happy :)

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