HELP!!!!!!!! omg

  1. neonblue1980 Member Member

    oh my...okay...i'm starting to think i'm not cut out for fish owning, haha!

    i just brought home a couple of new danios. one of them immediately swam into my conch shell, which is very small. it's not a large conch by no means. small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. he's as deep inside it as possible. i have no idea how he'll find his way out. is there ANYTHING i can do?! i don't even know how the heck he wedged himself in such a small space. i gave the shell a very gentle shake in the water with no success.

    this will teach me to put the shell in with its opening pointing DOWN from now on!!!
  2. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Lol don't feel too bad. I have been fish keeping for 4 months doing EVERYTHING right and still i have a betta with recurrent fin rot and goldfish with recurrent septicemia.

    I am not sure there's a whole lot you could do that wouldn't stress him further. Try offering some food right out of the opening. Use a turkey baster to put it where it needs to be.

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  3. neonblue1980 Member Member

    the other seems to be just randomly floating around the tank...he swims every now and then but mostly he's just coasting around the place. not sure what that's's hoping at least one of the little buggers survives!

    how long should i wait before giving up and removing the shell from the tank...? i don't want to risk an ammonia spike from a decaying fish. but at the same time, i want to give him adequate time to come out, if he possibly can.
  4. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Can you see him in there?

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  5. neonblue1980 Member Member

    nope! not even a little bit. i kid you not, i have NO idea how the heck he wedged himself in there. he's up in the coiled up part of the conch. i saw him with his tail showing a bit and when i touched the shell, it startled him and he went in as deep as possible.

    what do you make of the new fish just randomly floating around? is this a sign of stress, or do some fish just go slow and let the current take them? lol.
  6. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Could be stress. Danios are usually active so I would keep a very close eye. Was he active at the store?

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  7. neonblue1980 Member Member

    he was in a tank full of danios, a large tank with a bunch of them. she just reached in and grabbed two. i didn't pick two out. the other guy is still in the seashell. man oh man. what a bunch of nuts!
  8. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Hmmm. Any other signs of sickness?

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  9. neonblue1980 Member Member

    not that i can tell. half of his body is a paler shade than the rest. it's as if his body is divided into two equal sections - one part bright stripes, the other half paler...but not terribly so. he's floating around in circles a little bit near the top of the tank, but his fins aren't clamped, he's still moving them in a swimming motion, and his belly isn't swollen at all. gills aren't red.
  10. Nitemelodies Member Member

    hes swimming in circles or like free falling while in circles.... does he struggle when he swims? is he near the heater? does he appear gasping for air.... maybe a small video will help.

    If he is swimming in circles... he probably is sick... unless hes chasing a fish.... who is doing a circular pattern! gah sorry all the questions...
  11. neonblue1980 Member Member

    he stopped doing circles. now he's just hanging out around the top but does not appear stressed in any way at all. no gasping, no eratic, frantic swimming, etc. when my camera charges later i'll see if i can get a video!

    i turned the tank lights out in the meantime and left the room so i'm not tempted to hang out near the tank and scare them, lol!
  12. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    What are your water parameters? Fish will sometimes hang out at the surface if they're not happy with the water.
  13. neonblue1980 Member Member

    my parameters have always been the exact same, have never changed. it's been about two months now. i added nutrafin cycle upon setting it up. my parameters are ammonia 0.25, nitrites 0, nitrates 5-10. i test every second day and have never seen an ammonia or nitrate increase. they have stayed exactly the same. i am using the api kit - some users have been telling me that the api kit is notorious for giving a false 0.25 reading even when the tank is fine.

    i've been adding prime every day or two just in case there IS ammonia in there.

    most long do i leave that frigging shell in there to give the fish a hope and prayer of coming out?! i really don't want to risk a decaying fish spiking the ammonia, but at the same time...i want to give him a fair chance at survival. i can't see him at all! no idea if he's already dead or not.
  14. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    How did you acclimate them to the tank? Are there other fish in the tank? What are the readings for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? How many danios total are there? (they are schooling fish and you should keep at least 5 in a group).

    As for the one stuck in the shell, there's nothing you can do. Leave it in for a while to see if he can get himself out, and if not, sadly, you'll have to remove the shell. I would suggest leaving it in at least overnight.
  15. neonblue1980 Member Member

    i've mentioned the parameters above. as well as a possible false reading from api kit. it's been an ongoing issue for nearly two months now. 0.25 ammonia reading. no signs of stress in the fish except in the new ones added tonight. there are four danios in total. i didn't want to add too many at one time - my book says about 2 per week. i used drip acclimation.

    one of the previous existing danios is acting a bit aggressive toward the newbies..perhaps letting them know who's boss. maybe once he settles down a bit, the others will liven up.
  16. neonblue1980 Member Member

    stuck to filter

    well...the new fish dilemma continues.

    my husband cracked open the seashell and sure enough, he was dead inside. (see earlier post).

    the second danio that i bought today got stuck to the filter. he isn't quite dead YET but he's definitely nearing the end. he's struggling to swim, floating around lifeless, etc. i'm not sure how long he was stuck to the filter for. he was hanging around pretty still for a few hours tonight, but he had recently livened up and was swimming normally.

    question. do fish attach to the filter AFTER they have become severely weakened or dead? like...does the filter just suck up a fish floating by once it's nearly dead? or can a totally healthy fish just swim past the filter and accidentally get stuck to it? i'm trying to sort out in my mind whether the filter can CAUSE the death by sucking it up randomly or if only a floating near-dead or already dead fish attaches to it. if that makes any sense whatsoever...?

    i can return both fish to the store tomorrow for a refund or exchange. i'm nervous to buy two more danios (they are all in the same tank) in case these ones were diseased but it seems like both of their deaths were accidental. well, especially the bonehead who intentionally got himself stuck in the ornament.
  17. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    First off, for this very reason, you should always quarantine new fish. Adding them to the tank without QT has the potential to introduce illnesses to the fish you already have.

    If you drip acclimated them, shock shouldn't be an issue. Something else is going on, perhaps the fish were already sick when you got them. If you get more, make sure to choose healthy specimens and make sure to QT them for at least a month before adding them to your main tank.
  18. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Healthy fish don't stick to the filter. I would remove the sick fish immediately rather than further risk him infecting your current stock.
  19. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your fish. Fish that get stuck to the filter more than likely was weakened. A healthy fish will be able to get away easily. Some small fish though may not be strong enough to get from it * like fry *
    But for the most part, healthy fish should. You might want to get a pre filter sponge. That will slow down the flow.
  20. neonblue1980 Member Member

    he isn't dead yet - removing him would intentionally kill you said...saves the stock.

    he is swimming with his fins going quite a bit but he is floating along upside down.

    could this be swim bladder? if so, is he contagious to other fish? his stomach is not swollen.

    he has the strength to swim the length of the tank, but is swimming upside down.