Help! New to cherry shrimps and have 2 questions !

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by rdizzle, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. rdizzleNew MemberMember

    Hi I'm new to cherry shrimps. I recently got a 6 gal fishtank with 10 Galaxy rasboras set up last month and a friend of mine gave me 5 cherry shrimps including a pregnant one(as a surprise for me) . So 3 weeks in and now I only have 3 RCS left. Got home and saw one upside down and the other no where in site! Then I noticed 2 shrimpets in my tank from the pregnant RCS. First thing I did was run to the LFS to buy a sponge for my filter which I did not have!! My biggest fear was all the shrimpets being sucked up in my filter. So few days passed and now I see 8 shrimplets! Will I see more or did my filter eat up all my shrimplets? How many shrimplets come out per birth?

    So regarding my 2 dead RCS. I went to the LFS and bought 3 more RCS. These didnt look as nice as the ones I originally had. The mother shrimp doesn't seem to happy with these newcomers in the tank. Should I take out the Sakura grade shrimps that I bought at the LFS and let my shrimplet grow or just leave it.
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    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    Hopefully you will receive some responses before long.

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    Ken :)
  3. rdizzleNew MemberMember

    5 rcs from my friend
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  4. rdizzleNew MemberMember

    The 2 different grandes of RCS in my tank. Makes me want to take the ones i bought at the LFS out
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  5. ToniaWell Known MemberMember

    Hello Rdizzle and Welcome to Fishlore!!! I have got to say, those are some fabulous pictures of your shrimp! It is really hard to say how many shrimplets your mama shrimp may have had and how many you can expect, but you do have some good hiding places, so you may not see some of them until they are grown.

    I am not sure what the mother shrimp is doing, but sometimes it seems like my amano shrimp get a little territorial, they do fine in the tank together, though, so I would not worry too much about taking the others back unless you have decided that you truly do not want them.

    Regarding the deaths.. shrimps can be sensitive to water parameters and are very sensitive to copper. If you just recently set up the tank with the celestial pearl danios, then the tank probably has not fully cycled, yet.

    Have you been testing the water? do you have a testing kit? How often do you perform water changes?
  6. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Also what temp is your tank. 27 is about the max ive seen before my shrimp look abit unhappy.
  7. KasyeValued MemberMember

    Cherry shrimp can have many babies (a couple dozen or so), and many of them could still be hiding in your tank decor, you may see even more.

    I wouldn't worry about the shrimp, they should be fine together.

    In regards to your shrimp dying, it could've been due to water quality (what are your water parameters/how often do you change the water?), or they could've simply been stressed from the move.
  8. rdizzleNew MemberMember

    wow woke up this morning with one of the RCS i bought at the LCF died... theres something wrong with my water!! Maybe its because i moved my tank to a different location yesterday? I havnt done any water changes because of the new shrimplets. The only thing Ive been doing it refilling with water and adding a little bit of prime + rock salt. Is it safe to do water changes with these little shrimplets?
  9. KasyeValued MemberMember

    Do you have a test kit to check the water?

    Also what I'd suggest is when you change the water, make sure the water goes into a bucket and then check the bucket for any shrimplets that get sucked up, they should be fine!
  10. rdizzleNew MemberMember

    Shayla . Thanks for the reply. I noticed the mother shrimp is territoral. The new RCS i bought took over her spot but died today. Maybe it was a good thing it died
  11. rdizzleNew MemberMember

    im about to go buy a tester kit with all these shrimps dying... total of 3 shrimps + 2 rasboras gone now!
  12. KasyeValued MemberMember

    Oh no!

    And make sure you buy the kits, not the strips. Just throwing that out there because the strips don't work.